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Zone p

The plan aims for high rise development in the Capital city when there is a limited availability of land and the demand is huge. The focus is to cater to the increasing population and changing requirements. The housing strategy for Zone P incorporates approaches for development of a new housing area and re-development of existing housing area including unauthorized colonies.

Highlights of zone p

  • Leisure valley
  • River front Boulevard
  • Specialized Institute/IT Complex corridor along with NH-1.
  • City Park Complex.
  • Bhalswa Lake Complex: Approx. 102 hectares of land is proposed to be developed as an integrated tourist complex/city park which will include a lake (22 ha), an amusement park (12 ha), commercial (8 ha), residential ha, and recreational (46 ha).
  • Facility corridor: The facility corridor is proposed in the plan for various commercial, public and semi-public uses.
  • Super tall building with helipad facility: Being far away from the Air tunnel makes this zone suitable for such development. This will not only change the skyline of Delhi but will also attract investors from foreign to invest in urban projects.

Location Map

Zone P covers Narela, Libaspur, Swaroop Nagar, Sant Nagar and Alipur and is located on the both side of GT Karnal Road in North Delhi. The site is at a distance of just 5 km from NH-1 and a mere 10 km from Delhi by-pass. This new sub-city will be a 100m urban expressway road that will start at NH-1 and cut through NH-10, NH-8 and go upto NH-2.

Zone p-II

P-II Zone is located in North Delhi on the Bakhtavarpur-Mukundpur Road, New Delhi-110036. P-2 Zone is sub-divided into 13 sectors with each sector containing multiple land uses classes for the sole purpose of better development.

Highlights of zone p-II

  • The sub-city will provide housing to over 4.22 lac families from all income groups.
  • The location of this zone connects it to C.P at 19 km, ISBT at 8 km and Delhi University at 8 km distance
  • Just 20 minutes drive to the Airport, 30 Minutes to Gurgaon and 40 minutes to Noida
  • 3 Major expressways named as Urban Extension 1, 1 and 3(80m, 80m and 100m) originating in the sector itself will connect to NH-1, NH-10 (Rohtak Road) and NH- 8 intersecting at Narela, Rohini and Dwarka.
  • Amusement Park, Mega Exhibition/trade centre near to Sector 3.
  • Helipad facilities to provide direct accessibility to various cities.
  • Medical colleges/hospitals, general and engineering colleges, over 135 schools, sports centers. Electrical sub-station and water treatment plant.